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While rap has long had a problem with women, hip-hop's stars have always shown love for their own mothers: Kanye is and was famously devoted to Donda; Jay-Z lovingly placed Gloria on his album; Puffy put Janice into furs and songs. Jim Jones made Mama Jones into a VH1 celebrity. And—of course— Kim Basinger to play the role of Debbie, which some could say is a compliment, if you haven't seen 8 Mile. 

But when it comes to others' mothers, the words often aren't as nice. With Mother's Day coming up, ItsTheReal’s Eric and Jeff Rosenthal looked through all of the Hallmark cards and found the 15 Cruelest Mom Disses in Rap. They love their mother very much.

Written by ItsTheReal (@itsthereal)

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