Above, watch The Airplane Boys channel their inner Bill Murray as they get lost in translation on a trippy trip to Japan. The video unfolds like an extended Bape commercial, with plenty of shots outside of the store. If you are the type to be enticed by kaleidoscopic images of Japanese food and people bordered with various colors of camouflage ape print, this one is for you. It also may appeal to you if you are an actual ape, because over-sized Warhol bananas make a cameo appearance. In any case, the temples, the ramen, and the city lights will make you wish you could ride the Murakami graduation bear over to every fly-guy rapper's favorite country.

As Pharrell once said (referring specifically to video games), "After you go to Japan, nothing matters anymore." 

For all of you who chose to read Huxley instead of Orwell your junior year of high school, the Airplane Boys recent release is called Brave New World. Check it out, hopefully you'll think it's the utopia of mixtapes that the World Controllers always wanted.

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