The Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tapes have been going strong since 2004, with 40+ million downloads and 100,000 Facebook fans to date. A cross-genre celebration of everything music has to offer, the 600 tracks Benz has put out thus far have ranged from hip-hop to jazzy soul, folk songs to piano ballads, indie rock to EDM. The artists who have been featured hail from around the globe, as the compilation's editorial team tirelessly sifts through international stage performances and airwaves to find musicians with a mind and sound of their own. Their music is then presented to the world, along with in-depth features and behind-the-scenes interviews on mb! magazineMany of the artists have risen to the top of the charts in their native lands, as well as being honored with awards and nominations ranging from the Grammys to the MTV Music Awards.

The newest incarnation continues to herald the future of great music with a fresh batch of artists and exciting new sounds, all wrapped up inside a quirky and striking cover by New York graphic artist Craig Redman a.k.a. Darcel Disappoints. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the fun now by clicking here for your free Mixed Tape download, or else you can head straight to the playlist on Spotify.