Wiz Khalifa Updates "RapFix Live" on Baby Sebastian, Says "He's Taking Good Poops"

It’s only been a few weeks since Wiz Khalifa became a daddy, but he already seems pretty into it. Wiz called into RapFix Live yesterday and, amongst talk of his future music videos and current releases, he discusses his newfound fatherhood. When Sway asked how Baby Sebastian was doing, Wiz responded,

“He’s awesome, he’s eating on time, he’s taking good poops like a good baby should. He’s being good. He’s letting me get back to work… We talked about that the other day… he let me know it was cool.”

Later on, when Sway asked about the hardest part of being a dad (his was changing diapers), Wiz had this to say:

“I like to change diapers. The hardest thing for me is probably just when he cries I want to give him everything just so he stops crying… I’m figuring him out but it’s fun, it’s a wild ride.”

Check out the full clip up above.

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