Kevin Gates: "When I hustle and play the block, when I go to jail, the first person that I call is my woman. The first person I get in the bed with is my woman. If that’s a problem, then shit, we got a problem. We got a problem, because, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with me being in love with somebody? I go hard. I fight hard. I fuck hard. I rap hard. I love hard. I’m a human being. I’m not a machine.

"I’ve loved different women with all my heart, even if the relationship only lasted 90 days. But we were in love, whatever it may be. But my heart in the streets and i’m not coming up out of them just yet. Sometimes it has an effect on relationships, so, a lot of woman get to the point where they say 'Kevin, I can’t do this anymore, you’re going to jail,' I understand that. That’s cool. I’ll let you know one thing. Any woman I’ve ever been with, I can go back and have sex with them anytime. Because, 'Kevin, you never lied to me about anything, you were all the way honest, you kept it 100, showed respect.'"