Kevin Gates: "I was born in Earl K. Long Hospital. I was born Feb. 5th 1986. I have a lot of family members. My Grandmother had five girls, and all of them had children. It was always a house full. A lot of cousins. A lot of family members.

"I had some older cousins that, when videos come on, they would run to the T.V, so we would run to the T.V with them. Whatever came on. I can’t remember [what the first music was that I bought] but I know I was too young to buy it. Explicit content. I had to get my older cousin to buy CD’s. I remember that. [I liked to listen to] Dr. Dre, when I was little. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. [I used to listen to Kris Kross] too. “Jump.” I never had the thought [of doing music myself]. That thought never even crossed my mind.

"In 7th grade, I believe, I wrote my first rap song. It was about everything I was seeing, everything that was going on around me. I can’t remember [what I was listening to then] but 9 times out of 10, it was probably No Limit. Master P. 

"I guess it was a hidden talent because I didn’t use music, I didn’t rap like “here, let me let you all hear this”.  It was more like a journal, and it’s what I still do. Events that may have took place over a period of time, I rap about it. What I see, what I went through, what a friend of mine may have went through, whatever. I rap about it."