Busta Rhymes sat down with Shaheem Reid as part of Life + Times' new interview series, The Round Up. During the interview, Busta speaks on several topics, covering the span of his entire career. He talks about the record deals he has signed, pointing out that because he was seventeen when his group Leaders of the New School inked a deal with Elektra Records, he needed his mother to sign the deal for him, which she volunteered to do. When his first solo deal came about, his mother once again volunteered to sign it on his behalf, but at this point, Busta was of legal age to sign the deal himself.

Busta meanwhile talks about how he had to be convinced by Dante Ross to work on a solo album, saying that he was making a lot of money just doing features. He also speaks on his current work, saying that he is trying to reintroduce "boom bap in a new way" with his new album.

[via HipHop Wired]