There are only three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and the Internets going batshit whenever Daft Punk is mentioned. Just last weekend, the Internets went hammer over that 15-second clip during SNL, but this more recent episode doesn't even have a sliver of proof/evidence/anything to support it:

Daft Punk is being rumored to perform at SXSW.

Mind you, we've technically never received official confirmation that their album will be dropping this year, but the Internets is making sure that we all know to "wait for confirmation" on this SXSW rumor. As the story goes, this tale emanated from the Facebook page of an EDM blog/website/group (#shrug), and as we perused Twitter for any sliver of proof and/or details (including shots of these supposed flyers announcing Daft Punk playing either in the basement of the Alamo or on the steps of the capital), we just saw more people getting hype about something that's got a 90% chance of being untrue, considering that we heard months ago that Daft Punk wasn't touring this year.

You know Internets, though. So, enjoy the drama that comes with a Daft Punk rumor on Al Gore's Internets. (And if we're keeping score, did you notice that the "official" Daft Punk SoundCloud is now dead?)

UPDATE We just saw that these pictures that are reportedly taken from Austin do feature that image that announced Daft Punk's allegiance with Columbia... but this doesn't necessarily mean they're performing. It could just be advertising for an album in a spot where a lot of people are going to be at this week. #shrug