Legally embattled Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie just graduated from his Angola State Prison GED program. It seems that Boosie is making the most of his eight-year sentence behind bars on charges of attempting to smuggle drugs into two different prisons on three separate occasions. Don't forget this music video his daughter made about education. 

The better news is that it seems Boosie should be up for parole in the near future. According to a recent interview with SPIN, Boosie's counsel estimates his release to come some time between this summer, and at the latest, 2014. 

It just so happens that No Limit soldier C-Murder is being housed in the same prison as Boosie. Murder, or Miller rather, is facing a life sentence for first degree murder, and might not be quite as prone to pursue self-improvement as Boosie. But life is an open book.  

[via Miss Info]