Date: 1986 and 1991

What Happened? Tim Mosley has had two near death experiences. In 1986, when he was 15 years old, he was shot and partially paralyzed for nine months. In 1991, he survived a near-fatal accident when a new car he was driving hit a patch of black ice and smashed into a tree. He survived but his female passenger did not.

How He Responded: In the time it took Timbo to recover from his shooting, he learned how to DJ with his left hand. However, it seems the driving accident had more of an permanent effect on him. In the immediate aftermath, he suffered nightmares and constant crying. In the long run, Tim avoids driving to this day and seems to be suffering from survivor's guilt: "I haven't moved on from it [the accident], I still deal with it. I just thank God I'm here. I'm not supposed to be here."