Complex Picks the 10 Hottest MCs in the Game for MTV

MTV's countdown of the 10 Hottest MCs in the Game was all rap fans were talking about last week. Kendrick Lamar wound up taking the No. 1 spot, but not without strong opinions from hip-hop listeners across the country. Even artists on the list, like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, weighed in on the rankings. Now it's our turn.

MTV invited a few industry experts to discuss the Hottest MCs list and share their own top 10. Watch Complex editors Noah Callahan-Bever and Joe La Puma break down Complex's picks in the video above, or skip all the jazz and just check out the list below.

1. Jay-Z
2. Kanye West
3. Drake
4. Kendrick Lamar
5. Rick Ross
6. A$AP Rocky
7. 2 Chainz
8. Big Sean
9. Lil Wayne
10. Pusha T

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