Album: Breakaway

If your bedroom wasn't in shambles at one time or another because you were re-enacting this song's music video, you're doing it wrong. "Since U Been Gone" was originally written with P!nk in mind, who passed on it. Then it was peddled to Hilary Duff, who couldn't hit the high notes. It's fate that it landed in Kelly Clarkson's throat, because we couldn't imagine anyone else yelling at us about how awesome it is to not be with 'that guy' anymore. The only kind of shameful thing about this song is that for its lyrics to truly transcend your emotions, you have to admit that you liked someone who didn't like you back. But so what? It happens to everyone. And take it from us, there's nothing guilty about indulging in those feelings with a Grammy winning song. -Alysa Lechner