Zedd: "I remember a few years ago seeing all these things on TV and it was so far away, unreachable for me, and I would have never thought to ever be in that position. It's a great honor to represent the scene for MTV since i'm the only EDM artist in the Artists to Watch category. 

"Every single time I either I find out that an artist I like knows about me, it doesn't really get old for me. Every time I find out that someone who knows my music its always the same excitement. Obviously, the first time being mentioned on the Billboard and being up there is just a crazy thing for an artist but every time I see someone talking about me in some form or wherever, it's always just unbelievable.

"It's a little more crazy for me than some other people because I've been making music and touring since I was a little kid. I started playing concerts when I was like seven, and I never really expected any success. I've been doing that forever and it was very normal for me to not really get a lot of recognition. I never made any money off music, it was something I did because I love doing it. Suddenly there's a switch and that happened really fast for me. It's still very unusual to see people from all over the world knowing the lyrics to my songs."