Casey Veggies: “Fairfax is a place for dreams. It’s a place for people into fashion, it’s young kids that just come in, check out something new. It’s not like Macy’s, or like when you walk into an outlet. You come to a spot where real brands and people that built it from the ground up to make something out of nothing are doing something different.


Fairfax is a place for dreams.


“You have to respect somebody that comes with something new and succeeds, and all the brands over there are pretty much self-made. I respect all the brands over there. I like them all from Diamond to The Hundreds to Flight Club to the OF store. I’m mad that Turntable Lab isn’t there anymore. And of course, I love Supreme. You can’t go wrong with Supreme.

“You got to hustle, so a lot of kids came up with that [entrepreneurial] spirit from L.A., trying to make something out of nothing. All the young thinkers from the area played a big part in Fairfax. People like me, and people like Odd Future.

“Back in seventh grade, I used to take the DASH bus over to Fairfax and over to La Brea, where the Stussy, Union, and UNDFTD stores were. I saved my money up in order to go to Fairfax and be able to cop a shirt for like $40 at Diamond. Now we have a brand and we’re doing collabs. We’re just like the brands that I used to cop back in the days, so everything comes full circle.”