#DeepCuts: The Best New Mixtape Tracks

Wooh Da Kid f/ Tre Pounds and Slugg Mania "Controlling Me"

Mixtape: Full Metal Jacket
Producer: Tarentino 808 Mafia

Wooh Da Kid was Brick Squad's most reliable role-player, never quite star quality but always reliable as a rugged force for good music. His mixtape Black Out remains one of the strongest in the first wave of Brick Squad releases. Since that time, his recording has been a little spottier, although he's always good for a few choice tracks. The best on Full Metal Jacket, which just leaked last week, breathes life into a rap cliche (dude, what if, like, weed was like a woman, man?) thanks to a mesmerizing melodic chorus. It also helps that the production, courtesy 808 Mafia's Tarentino, is pretty singular; he also produced "Foreign" for the Fetti Gang, which works on similar floating-R&B thug terms.


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