In December, Shrapnel Streetwear released their 2013 collection of EDM-inspired clothing. Cyborg and android-inspired pieces aside, we just love that there are more EDM clothing labels coming out. It's one thing to grab a dope t-shirt or piece of merch from an artist, but to have an actual clothing label that reflects the aesthetic of the music you love? It's just another step for the scene, and we want you to experience it for yourself.

Do Androids Dance has partnered with Shrapnel Streetwear for a special giveaway; we want you to have your very own Shrapnel tee! The thing is, you have to work for it. As you see in the image above, Excision is standing near a code word. Somewhere on this site, there is a post that contains a widget for you to input that code. Your job is to find the widget and input the code!

You have until next Tuesday to complete this task. A winner will be selected and we'll announce them at that time. So, get to hunting!

Do Androids Dance would like to thank Shrapnel and FiXT Publicity for helping us present this opportunity. Shrapnel is an official sponsor of Excision's 2013 Execution Tour; FiXT is the exclusive online distributor of Shrapnel merchance, which can all be found HERE.