It's not clear when Pusha T's Wrath of Caine will be release, but it is clear that we can expect a huge collaboration on the mixtape. He just revealed the artwork for the track "Millions," which will feature Rick Ross. Hopefully we get to hear the song soon and for everyone asking when Wrath of Caine will drop, Pusha's got some words for you:

When I drop music, I aim to make u muthafuckas cry!! My true fans/family know I strive for perfection. If Def Jam is waiting on my album, what the fuck makes u think u aint gonna wait on this mixtape? It's like when a women/man is a virgin, if u love that bitch/n**ga U WILL WAIT!! Wrath of Caine... @stevenvictor quit going back and forth abt which version we should use...DROP BOTH THEM HOES!! I don't give a fuck!! Save the critical analysis for "My Name is My Name"