Since Gucci's star dimmed in the wake of repeated bouts of incarceration (and V-Nasty collaborative CDs), his primary collaborator Zaytoven has seen his profile dip a bit as well; Zay's eccentric sidestep was initially overtaken by Lex Luger's bombast, then Mike WiLL's crafted precision. But "Fake Rappers" proved the beatmaker still had tricks up his sleeve. While "Colombia" became upstart Atlanta street rapper Young Scooter's signature, "Fake Rappers" was a significant entry of its own.

With Zaytoven's organs jabbing at right angles to the beat, an unpredictable kick drum pattern beats underneath eerie layers of keyboards and melodic elements, all carefully woven together into an effortless construct. For Scooter, it's a stament of purpose that helps set him as one of Atlanta's more promising upstarts; for Zaytoven, it's proof that he's as gifted as any current producers in his lane.