From: Detroit, MI
Signature Song: Obie Trice "Cry Now" (2006)

Coming up under a hip-hop legend (or legend in the making) might seem like a great idea at the time, but being viewed as a sidekick can clearly have its downsides. For Obie Trice, that meant gaining instant exposure through a sample on Eminem's "Without Me," catching a heavy buzz (no pun intended) with a stellar debut in Cheers, and watching his spotlight fade because of a lack of promotion.

While Trice would eventually leave Em's Shady Records on good terms in 2008, that departure wasn't without its detriments. It wasn't until this past April that he released Bottoms Up, a proper follow-up to 2006's Second Round's on Me. The album might have received generally strong reviews, but most heads were turned when they saw Eminem's name on the guest and producer credits.

What's most frustrating about that point is the fact Em and Trice's collaborations weren't on some "murdered you on your own shit." They complemented each other and, in a perfect world, Trice would get the credit he deserves for that.