Joe Budden was the subject of controversy when he kicked out a concertgoer for dissing him on Twitter.

User Paige S was attending Budden’s concert in Oakland, but she was only going to accompany a friend. She tweeted over and over about how she wasn’t excited to go see him perform. She also tweeted a picture of NoDoz, which are alertness pills, with the caption, "for the Budden concert tonight."

Eventually, Budden had enough of her comments, and told security to escort her out. According to her tweets, she said Budden wouldn’t take the stage unless she was removed from the building.

"So we are upstairs at VIP [and the] security asks me if I'm Paige," she tweeted. "I said, 'yes.' And they say 'Joe Budden wants you out. I feel flattered though, they said they showed my Twitter picture and found me in the club."

[via HipHopWired]