Label: Rough Trade, Sire

Jesse Marco: "I put that there because a lot of my favorite Smiths songs are not on albums. Their first album, I think it's Strangeways or something like that. I have the vinyl record, but I have like, a lot of my favorite songs were released as singles. But if I were to pick and album, it'd be that.

"I love The Smiths, but I'm not like buying advanced tickets to a Marcy concert. I do like The Smiths a lot. I think Johnny Marr on guitar and Morrissey sound really trendsetting. I don't know-they have a crazy sound. Real punk, like it's rebellious, but it's like there's so much melody in it. Really English, what they call 'smart' music. I don't want to embarrass myself and come up with a bunch of words for how good The Smiths are. If I were to pick a Smiths album, I guess it would be, I think it's Strangeways. I have the actual record. I think 'Stop Me''s on that record.

"But my favorite Smiths song is not on any album. It's 'How Soon Is Now?'-I don't know why that's my favorite Smiths song. I think one night-this was 5 years ago maybe. 6, 7 years ago maybe. I was in high school or something, and I was wasted. I passed out on a couch in someone's loft in SoHo, and everyone was passed out, and this was running on a repeat on the speakers as everyone slept. It was really crazy. When I woke up, I was like, 'Damn, this song is stuck in my fucking head.' It's really one of the greatest songs of all time."