Label: Apple, Capitol

Jesse Marco: "I think this is also, again, a no-brainer. I would say I guess it's my favorite Beatles record. It doesn't have the most singles on it, but it has 'Come Together,' on it-it's like a classic riff. John Lennon at his best I'd say, writing that song. A classic record. It's also one of those records where like as a DJ, if you don't have that record, you're slipping.

"I think a lot of older records like this were almost like rites of passage. Other DJs, and listening to the songs they were playing, albums they were off of, you kind of get a sense of pace from a lot of these guys.

"I think before more than ever in the early 2000s when I was really starting to DJ, things were at their peak I think taste-wise without radio. Things were still very separate. Like hip-hop and radio were still not one. These albums I think were still being appreciated as good taste and fresh, where now some of this stuff sounds a little more dated, which is okay. That's because music has gotten more advanced. Like I said, these are benchmarks for you, so Abbey Road for sure."