Label: Capitol, Grand Royal

Jesse Marco: "I wrote-when MCA passed away-this thing about him on my blog, and it actually got a hits and stuff. Basically, the story goes, I discovered the Beastie Boys in backwards fashion, because I think that when I was kind of at that age when I was listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and all these other bands, I saw the 'Sabotage' video on TV and I liked it a lot, and it was funny, and they were wearing costumes, and it was punk-rock, and I immediately liked it. That wasn't even off their first album, but that was off their favorite album of mine.

"I think that as a fan of the Beastie Boys discography, to not pick the album that I discovered them with, even though I kind of discovered them with Check Your Head, I kind of discovered them when they were in the mainstream spotlight with that 'Intergalactic' song, to fucking this shit, which isn't in my opinion the best. But it's raw, and it's really when you're 16, or you're 15, it's like your theme song. You're just tearing shit up."