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Jesse Marco: "When I discovered Prince through that song 'Kiss,' and hearing that song at weddings and shit like that, you discover it and you live with it. For a song like that, if you go to the club now or a party, and you're not really drunk or grinding, and that song comes on you're to be like, 'Aw man, where the fuck am I? Am I at a wedding?'

"That album is probably the quintessential Prince album. That dude is an enigma. The crazy thing is, you hear stories about dudes like that, like you can't look them in the eye, or can't touch him, and it's funny because I've DJ'd a bunch of times when he's been there. He's never, ever gotten up to dance except this one time. He came to the club, and I'm thinking to myself, 'Man, this motherfucker just stays in the corner.' He's surrounded by girls feeding him grapes and dancing.

"To Prince, I'm a baby, so he doesn't give a shit. He's also a G. People think Prince is soft. He is not-he's the absolute opposite. He's not to be fucked around with.

"So I was like, 'Man, I'm going to get this motherfucker to dance.' Like straight up and down. I'm like going through what I think he would like to hear, thinking, 'This is a funky ass dude, I'm going to play some real funk, all of this really funky stuff.' Dude is just still sitting down, and then it sort of clicks to me, 'This dude doesn't give a shit. He wants to hear what everyone wants to hear right now.' Like a really good version of that.

"If he wants to hear some thug shit, I'm going to give him some 2Pac. I played 'How Do You Want It,' which is obviously the smoothest 2Pac song, and it was like he acknowledged the fact that I played that record, got up, brought his gang of hoes to the floor, and broke it down. It was the illest thing I've ever scene. He was dancing like not normally. He was like he was doing a choreographed routine. It was crazy. [Laughs.]

"The cover is mad flamboyant and crazy. 'Purple Rain' is also a great song. There are tons of just phenomenal songs on that record, front-to-back. He is a symbol for that sound, I mean literally a symbol."