Label: Roc-A-Fella, Priority

Jesse Marco: "Just self-explanatory right there. I'm a very big Jay-Z fan. I think he's just a really good rapper, you know what I mean? It can be argued [that Jay-Z's the greatest rapper of all time], but I don't want to get into that 9 hour long discussion.

"Actually, this is really funny. My friend-he will remain anonymous-he got arrested during the storm, and they brought him to central booking. Being that he got arrested during Hurricane Sandy, he was there for a while I guess for judges to go and see him and whatnot. It seems like it's always the topic of anything when you're waiting in jail, like 'Who the best rapper alive?' They were just arguing about Jay-Z for 9 hours. Like, 'Who's the best rapper alive? Jay-Z, 2 Chainz or Meek Mill?'

"But anyway, Reasonable Doubt, favorite Jay album. A classic. You know, 'Can I Live,' I mean there's so many on that record. I think this is another one where it's self-explanatory, don't have to say too much or else I'm going to embarrass myself. [Laughs.]"