Gucci Mane Breaks Down 19 of His Most Essential Projects

Back to the Traphouse (2007)

And at that point you had another major album come out, Back to the Traphouse.
Gucci Mane: Yeah, on Atlantic. That wasn’t one of my best albums. I think it was a nice album, but it wasn’t the best selection of songs that I could have put together at that time. I could have put together a better album. But the partners I had at Atlantic, we bumped heads so much. We couldn’t come together with the right album. That’s why the partnership ended. I partnered up with Warner Brothers/Asylum, and I had 100% leeway to do the album the way I wanted to do it.

I was going to say one of my favorite songs was “I Move Chickens” off that one.
That’s one of my favorite songs off that album, too.

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