Death Grips took out their frustrations with their label, Epic, over the delayed release date of their new album, No Love Deep Web. And as a result, the group leaked the project to the Internet this month as a free download. Their main complaint was that Epic was allegedly waiting longer than usual to release Death Grips' second LP.

We're learning today that Epic wasn't too happy about Death Grips releasing the album without their knowledge. In a series of e-mails revealed via the group today, the label ordered for the album to be pulled from all websites currently distributing it. 

Epic also noted that NLDW won’t count towards their contractual commitment to release a set number of albums with Death Grips. In addition, the e-mail indicates that the label wants to sell the album in a legit manner as soon as possible.

You can read the e-mail statement at the Death Grips Facebook.