"Killing everything from pussy to a mothafuckin' Hit-Boy beat." ("Backseat Freestyle")


"Dreams of living life like rappers do, bump that new E-40 at the school, you know 'big ballin with my homies,' Earl Stevens had us thinking rational." ("Money Trees")


"Would be a mogul before I visit 2Pac and Left Eye." ("Compton")

Eazy E

"Eazy and Aaliyah when I see you we gon' test drive." ("Compton")


"Now we can all celebrate, we can all harvest the rap artists of N.W.A." ("Compton")

Dr. Dre

"This was brought to you by Dre." ("Compton")


"It's a beautiful day I guess for a bitch to roll with Andre I guess" ("The Recipe")



"I used to jealous of Jayceon, I used to jealous of Jayceon Taylor when I was young." ("Black Boy Fly")


"It's 2004 and I'm hearing people roar for the name of The Game in front of the store." ("Black Boy Fly")