Angel Haze: “Performing is adrenaline. It’s like the craziest things all happening at once. My first performance was three weeks ago at my release party and before that my manager had been throwing me on stage, making me perform in front of people and shit like that. He’d be like, ‘Just go up there and do it.’

“Meka [of 2DopeBoyz] and LowKey [of You Heard That New] would be like, ‘Oh, Angel Haze is here. She’s gonna come up stairs and she’s gonna freestyle,’ and I’d have to do it. I’d be shitting bricks. Completely and utterly terrified, like, ‘Oh my God, what if I fuck up?’

“I never actually got used to it, I will say that. I moved to New York and I got this blazing amount of confidence out of nowhere. So it’s fun for me. It’s not a job, something that I have to get through. It’s just pure and unfiltered fun.

“I like people like Kanye West, I’d watch his live concert or I’d watch his Storytellers performance. They’d always fuck up the words, but they keep going and you never notice it. They never stop and say rewind it. You just keep going.

“I look at Kanye West as a great performer. I like how he holds his own, he doesn’t really ever have the excess. I love how he can stand there by himself and just be him. He’s the person that inspires me, performance-wise."