Album: No Doubt
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “It came out in 1992 and was recorded in 1991 in LA at Hollywood and Vine. We had such a small budget making our first record, and the only way we could make it work was that the record company would find studio time in the middle of the night—literally, that was so cheap that we could afford to do it.”

“We were all living in Orange County, we were all going to school and we all had day jobs, and we’d tried to rehearse as much as possible. We’d play a couple times a month, and we would all get in one car and drive up to the studio, probably in the evening. We’d sit on the i-5 in the worst traffic, and we’d get there at like 8 or 9 o’clock, we’d load into this freight elevator in this alleyway that’s still there—I drive-by it all the time when I go out. We’d record into the morning, go home, and then start our days again. We did that so much, and that’s how we made that first No Doubt record.”

“We look back on it now and what a challenge it was, but obviously we were having a great time—we were recording music, so it was cool for us."

“I remember making the video, because this was the first time we had to make a music video. We made it for $5,000.”

“There was a juggling act to record that record because we were at a studio in Hollywood where we were only allowed to work certain hours at night, so we would be working our jobs and doing school during the day, and at night we’d go to the studio. We were kind of jack-of-all-trades at that point.”

“It’s funny on that album—it’s our first album—at that point we didn’t really have any concept of what singles were, as far as being in a band. We had just come out of playing clubs and playing shows, so all of a sudden a ‘single’ was a brand new thing. When we recorded the album and the song, I don’t think we thought of it—we didn’t know until the album was coming out that somebody said, ‘Hey you have to have a single’ and ‘Which song?’ and we just liked that song, we were excited about it. I’m remembering back in ancient history but I think that was how we arrived at that. The record label was like, ‘You get to make a video for that song.'"

“When we did it, I remember the video cost $5000. For some reason we remember that, because at that time $5000 was kind of a lot. But really, in MTV terms, that’s zilch. We filmed it at our band house in Anaheim, and I remember that experience more than anything. It was all very exciting and a big deal for us at the time. I think MTV maybe played it once in the middle of the night, and that was it. But at the time MTV was pretty big—it was a big deal."

"In Orange County, there was this after school local cable show that would play videos in the afternoon and you could call in and request videos. We used to come home from school every afternoon and watch that show, and the ‘Trapped In A Box’ video got played a bunch on that local cable access show. We were pretty stoked about that. I think I’m pretty sure we must’ve called in a bunch. As a single, I don’t think anyone ever played it on the radio. We called it a single but it wasn’t really a single.”