Label: Interscope

Tony: “We’re so proud of this record. It’s been a labor of love—we’ve been working on it for the past couple of years, and we’ve got 11 tracks. It was really tough making the first single, and ‘Settle Down’ felt like it kind of encapsulated so much of No Doubt’s sound in it. It’s got the dancehall feel, and everything that we love. The Push and Shove record is just like any other No Doubt record. It’s all over the place. There’s different kinds of songs. We’ve got this incredible song that we did with Major Lazer called ‘Push and Shove,’ which is the title track of the album. There’s so many songs on this record that I can’t wait for people to hear.”

“We spent a good year writing before we even got in the studio, and ‘Settle Down’ was one of the early songs we wrote on this album. When we went in the studio and started recording it, we went through so many different versions. There’s probably 10 versions of ‘Settle Down.’ You just keep going, and you keep fine tuning it, and trying this and checking this out. None of them, except for maybe ‘Undone’—which was the last song we wrote on the record—were really like, ‘Okay, we wrote it, we recorded it, it’s done.’ They were all just like, ‘Okay, let’s come back, let’s try that.’ Gwen and I would go back and redo lyrics just before finalizing the recording like, ‘Let’s try and change those words, I’m not really sure about that melody.’ We were writing as we were still finishing up the recording."

Adrian: "Playing a song like ‘Push and Shove’ just takes us back a little bit, going from ska to the rock and the choruses. It felt natural, and it’s a very exciting song. I cannot wait to play that live. I’m more excited to play that song live than anything at this point.”

Tom: “The song ‘Push and Shove’ was really the one collaboration on the record. There’s another song that Gwen co-wrote with Dave Stewart again, but this was the only full-on collaboration. Major Lazer gave us this beat, and they recorded these verses with Busy Signal in Jamaica, and we were in love with it. The beat is just so infectious, and has that real original ska vibe.

"We took that, and we wrote the choruses—Gwen and Tony and I, and the bridge, and then we put it all together, and kind of went back and forth, and had those guys come in the studio with us. It was more of like a songwriting collaboration between the band, and Major Lazer, and Busy Signal, and Mark "Spike" Stent, our producer. For us, that’s another really bold, adventurous song because it has this great, almost retro sounding ska verses, and it blasts into this heavy-rock, half-time chorus, which is really like incongruent parts. It's really odd and crazy, but it feels so right and we love it. I’m just excited for people to hear it. And again, it’s something that sounds like nothing we’ve ever done before, and hopefully it goes okay.”