Year: 2009

Ranking MCs can cause a firestorm among hip-hop fans, but back in 2009—when Vibe dropped a tournament-style list of rappers and asked fans to vote on who was the best—one prominent artist decided to speak out. The ever-garrulous Joe Budden took offense to his low seeding and decided to single out Method Man (who had been ranked higher than Budden was) as an elder MC that Budden felt he could out-rhyme without breaking a sweat. "I’ll chill for the sake of your age," young Budden rapped on his "D.O.A." freestyle.

Of course, dissing a rapper who's backed by eight other guys (you know, the Wu-Tang Clan—heard of em?) can lead to repercussions. Once wind of Budden's comments reached them, the war of words was on. Budden eventually apologized to Meth, but apparently that wasn't enough for Raekwon, who rolled up on Joe Budden in his dressing room during the San Bernardino, CA stop of 2009's Rock the Bells tour (on which both the Wu and Slaughterhouse were performing) and things got ugly. Budden was in the middle of live-stream chat when he was approached by Rae and his boys and suddenly his feed went out. When the lights came back on, Budden was holding a pack of ice to his eye and claiming one of Raekwon's goons punched him in the face. That's that old-school rap beef right there.