Year: 2011

Canibus vs J.Cole was one of the most confusing, embarrassing, and dumbest rap beefs ever. In fact, we're hesitant to even call this a beef—something like "random failed shots" might be more appropriate. Last year, 'Bus released the diss track "J.Clone," a record that came complete with an explanatory open letter that criticized Cole for stating that he liked Canibus' old music but not supporting his newer stuff. The strange part is that J. Cole has consistently named Canibus as one of his favorite artists. Since when did that become a diss? Just two days later, without Cole ever retaliating, Canibus released a video that opened with him staring at the camera and burping (seriously) but eventually got around to apologizing and calling the whole thing "tacky and unsophisticated." At least Bus was man enough to admit he fucked up, but ultimately this one goes down as yet another bizarre chapter in Canibus' career.