Label: Cold Chillin', Warner Bros.
Waka Flocka Flame: “Swag, swag, swag. I was more of a Big Daddy Kane fan than a Rakim fan. You know why I like Big Daddy Kane? That nigga slick-he looks like my father, my nigga. I used to think that nigga was my pops, 'Like damn, that nigga rap?'

I got a song called '80s'” Shit be like, 'I'm from the 80s/Fat rope gold chain/All the girls wanna do me like I'm Daddy Kane/I'm from the 80s/Brand new black Jetta/Cross colors was the clothes and the Coogi sweaters.' That shit sound crazy. I ain't put it out yet. That's for my third album. I planned it. I made that shit before my first album came out.”