Age: 18
Label: Odd Future Records
From: Los Angeles, California
Active Since: 2009
Twitter: @earlxsweat
Best Known Song: "Earl" (2010)

There have been a lot of questions about Earl ever since he first gained attention as the most mysterious member of the infamous Odd Future outfit. However, one thing has never been disputed: his skill on the mic. Of course his 2010 release Earl took vulgarity to absurd levels, but the fact that a 16-year-old could could spit this hard earned him props.

One trip to Samoa and a thousand "Free Earl" chants later, we're still waiting to hear what else this young prodigy has to say now that he's got his own Tan Cressida label deal through Columbia Records. We've got a feeling that his verse on "Oldie" was only the beginning and that the best is yet to come.