17. Rah Digga “What They Call Me” (1999)

Album: Dirty Harriet

Label: Flipmode/Elektra

Producer: Pete Rock

Peter Rosenberg:“I wrestled back and forth between this and ‘Tight,’ which are both good songs. Rah Digga had many good moments with Flipmode Squad, but the craziest thing was, everyone slept on her album. I don’t know why. ‘Tight’ was a pretty dope single. The production on the album was crazy. This one is produced by Pete Rock, there’s a Preemo record, I think Nottz is on there. There’s a lot of dope shit on her album.

“Rah Digga had a totally unique voice. It’s sort of deep and rugged. But she could be pretty introspective. Rah Digga can do a lot of different stuff. We never got to see her blow up, but she was a dope MC for a consistent period over several years. I think Dirty Harriet is a great album, and this just happens to be my favorite song on it.”