Odd Future and Rihanna watch TPMF get pretty in the desert.

Written by Brad Wete (@BradWete)

Before their franchise player touched the Gobi stage at Coachella Saturday night, the A$AP Mob brought a specific kind of crew chaos to the California desert. The stage looked like an archaic war zone with upside-down U.S. flags in black and white.

A$AP Ferg took the stage in a bulletproof vest and skully to the sound of unnerving bass rattling from the speakers. A$AP Nast followed with no less than 10 other members of Harlem’s burgeoning rap squad in all black everything.


it wasn’t just common folk going nut to A$AP Rocky. Earl Sweatshirt was there having a ball with some other members of his Odd Future gang. Rihanna was also in attendance, taking Instagram pictures of TPMF.


After they gooned for a bit, A$AP Rocky burst onto the stage dressed in black from his snapback cap (emblazoned with the word “FUNERAL”) to his low patent-leather sneakers. “If you fuck with me like I fuck with you,” Rocky began, “Make some fucking noise!” The crowd responded in kind, going bonkers as he launched into “Pretty Flacko” followed by “Wassup.” And it wasn’t just common folk going nuts. Earl Sweatshirt was there having a ball with some other members of his Odd Future gang. Rihanna was also in attendance, taking Instagram pictures of TPMF.

“Now that we on the topic of purple,” Rocky continued, standing on an emptied stage cloaked in fog and purple light, “it's time for us to get high in this muthafucka.” That kicked off "Purple Swag." As an avid marijuana smoker, Rocky was offered his fair share of herb by generous fans. But during “Get Lit” somebody tossed up something that he doesn’t indulge in. "Oh, this nigga threw coke at me," Rocky said after analyzing the substance and tossing it away.

Tip-toeing the line between arrogance and charm, Rocky made a great impression with the Coachella crowd. "Usually I'm just pretty,” he said prior to performing “Kissin’ Pink,” his oral jam for the ladies. “That's just me. But now I want to get fly." The only thing he removed was his shirt—but that was more than enough to get his female fans yelling and hoping for another article of clothing to come off.

“I just want to say thank y'all for a wonderful night,” Rocky said after wrapping his Coachella debut with “Peso.” This time 12 months ago he was a relative unknown. Last night he headlined the Gobi stage—competing head-to-head with Radiohead, the evening’s official main attraction—and he hasn’t even released his debut album yet (although he did perform his upcoming single "Goldie"). “See y’all next year,” he said. Indeed, “next year” promises to be an even bigger one for Rocky.