Most Bromantic Line: “I don’t know if I ever told you this/But, I love you dawg/I got your motherfucking back/Just know this shit.” (Eminem)

Complex says: What is it about Dre that makes rappers fall in love with him? Is it because of his bulging muscles? It is because he’s such a nice guy? Maybe it’s because, for the right price, he can make you rich and famous? Either way, whether it’s Game, Kendrick Lamar, or Eminem, rappers just love praising dude. And for good reason, after all (as Em recently admitted on the bromance anthem “I Need a Doctor”) Dre saved Em’s life and made him a star.

Back in 1999, Em was ready to admit his love for Dre on “What’s the Difference.” As if it wasn’t enough that Em started his verse with ultimate expression of bromance (“I love you dawg”), Eminem raps about killing his girlfriend and Dre offers to help him dump her body in the ocean. And as we all know, accessory to murder is the ultimate gesture of bromance (snitching being the polar opposite) because true friends help friends... get away with murder.