#23. Random Axe "Random Call"

Producer: Black Milk

Label: Duck Down Records

Complex says: When the news came out that Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Sean Price were coming together to form Random Axe, the underground hip-hop world was thrilled. With this song as one of the leading tracks from their self-titled album, each member of the collective gets as grimy as possible. Guilty declares, “I eat hot emcees like cold salads,” while P warns, “Smack the shit out of you and whoever’s the church pastor/My hand in the collection plate, don’t you ever disrespect the ape.” Meanwhile, Black Milk (the album’s sole producer) holds his own, “These ones trouble, each one’ll crumble/Whole crews that front on old crews to fumble/Guilty run a play, P run a huddle.” It’s no surprise that the debut of the “3-1-3 to the N-Y-C” connection was a success.