Who Is The Weeknd?

He Sings About Drugs, A Lot

The Weeknd "House of Balloons - Glass Tables Girls"

And we're not talking your standard "I like to drink and smoke so let's party" kinda records. We mean some of that ol’ Mr. Rager, Weezy F. Baby before prison-type shit. Weeknd sings about weed, liquor, pills, cocaine, and codeine. For proof, peep “House of Balloons - Glass Table Girls” (the second half of the title track) where he sings explicitly about sniffing superstar lines of that white girl. Geez, is this dude really 20? Either way, we really hope he doesn’t let drugs get the best of him like so many artists before him. Problem is, the tagline on his Tumblr page reads, “XO till we overdose.” Um.......

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