These Are The Breaks: The 10 Best Rap Songs That Sample Al Green

Diddy f/ G. Dep & Black Rob “Let’s Get It” (2001)

Produced by: Yogi
Samples: Al Green “Love and Happiness” (1972)

Honorable mention(s): 2Pac’s “Thugz Mansion,” Busta Ryhmes’ “Turn It Up,” Cannibal Ox’s “Painkillers,” Kid Capri’s “Hot This Year,” Jurassic 5’s “Baby Please,” Twista’s “Do Wrong,” Royce Da 5’9’s “Regardless” & “You Can’t Touch Me”
Complex says: Sure, Al Green's "Love and Happiness" insn't on "Impeach The President" or "Funky Drummer" status—as in one of the most sampled breakbeats ever—but it's definitely up there, as the (limited) list above shows.  

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