Cash Money is an army, better army made up of washed-up recruits. Earlier this week, Bow Wow shocked the rap world when he announced that he has signed a new deal with Baby and Slim's iconic New Orleans label. And a few months ago, Philly rapper Freeway also announced that he has inked a deal with CMR. Who's next?

Since the label has started inviting refugees from other labels to join its roster, we decided to suggest some other artists in need of a career boost who could benefit from getting down with Cash Money. Check out the fake album covers and details behind our proposed projects below...

CASH MONEY DEBUT: Baby Said Knock You Out
THE PITCH: After failing to go gold for the first time in his career with 2008's Exit 13, Uncle L is a free agent in need of some serious career counseling. Who better to get him back into fighting shape than Birdman? Please, call it a comeback!
STANDOUT TRACKS: "Purple Syrup In a Styrofoam Cup Getting Drunk By Weezy," "Tuesday & Thursday (Time To Take My Heart Pills)," "Jingling, Baby" (f/ Birdman's Balls)

ARTIST: The Game
CASH MONEY DEBUT: 1,000,000 Degreez
THE PITCH: First Juvenile put Cash Money on the map with his album 400 Degreez. Then Weezy threw a subliminal at him with 500 Degreez. Then Juvenile responded with 600 Degreez. And now The Game ups the ante (as he always does), rehashing and name-dropping everything his labelmates did before he joined the team, with even more degreez. A million of 'em!
STANDOUT TRACKS: "I Feel Like Dying, Too!", "I'm So Whodi," "One More Blood," "Slim's Advocate," "I Am The Hot Boyz"


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