The Game: A History Of Beef

The Game: A History Of Beef

After years of tension and subliminal jabs, conflict-obsessed rapper The Game got his wish when Jay-Z finally dropped his name while performing the Blueprint 3 intro. Never one to shy away from beef, rap fans knew it was only a matter of time before the Compton rapper responded, and sure enough early Saturday afternoon Game dropped a full-fledged diss song against Hov called "I'm So Wavy."

It wasn't a TKO in any sense, but don't think Jayceon's going to throw in the towel anytime soon. Dude has racked up more beef in the five years he's been in the hip-hop game than, well, probably anyone. Don't believe us? We've compiled all 25 of Game's disputes into one comprehensive blog post, staggering evidence that the dude doesn't play nice with others. Take a look back below...

THE GAME VS JAY-Z (2005 - Present)
Cause: Who really knows? The Game has been dissing and praising Jay-Z since his first album. "Dear Summer", particularly the DJ Clue version, was once viewed as Hov's most open diss towards Game. They also traded subliminal lines on Game's "It's Okay (One Blood)" and Jay's "The Prelude."

The Game "I'm So Wavy"

Jay-Z "Blueprint 3 Intro (Live)"

Effect: Game's dream came true when Jay finally mentioned him by name during a live performance of Blueprint 3's intro, prompting the "I'm So Wavy" diss.
Cause: On his Kanye West assisted single, "Wouldn't Get Far", the rapper called out Vida Guerra, Melyssa Ford, and Gloria Velez, insinuating that they only got famous by providing sexual favors. Game also claimed to have finger-banged Vida during a NYC radio interview.

The Game feat. Kanye West "Wouldn't Get Far"

Vida Guerra responds. [WATCH IT]

Effect: Vida responded in a radio interview and disputed any sexual contact with The Game.
THE GAME VS 50 CENT (2005 - 2009)
Cause: Shortly after the release of The Documentary, 50 took a strong disliking to Game's desire to work with some of G-Unit's enemies. "300 Bars" was amongst Game's first disses (of many) towards the Unit.

The Game "300 Bars And Runnin'" [LINK]

50 Cent "Not Rich, Still Lyin'"

Effect: Dozens of diss songs, two failed peace treaties, several online videos, and one wounded entourage member later, The Game apologized to 50 Cent "as a man," acknowledging that he "did a lot of dumb things."
Cause: Ras Kass confronted The Game in an L.A. nightclub about lyrics he felt were directed towards his son. The situation got heated and led to Game supposedly hitting Ras over the head with a bottle, although that has been disputed.

Ras Kass calls out The Game. [WATCH IT]

The Game responds. [WATCH IT]

Effect: Of course, that incident led to a diss from Ras Kass, but Game never responded, claiming that it would be a waste of time because his opponent's career was already over. The beef was never formally squashed despite Snoop Dogg's repeated attempts to mediate the feud.
Cause: Bow Wow proceeded to challenge his friend and known gamer, The Game. Okay, this is more of a digital beef than a real beef, but what's the difference these days anyway?

Bow Wow challenges The Game. [WATCH IT]

The Game accepts the challenge. [WATCH IT]

Effect: The Game beat Bow Wow in the Madden Showdown. Badly.


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