Here's some messed up footage that may make you extremely paranoid, but will also remind you to be vigilant when it comes to preventing somebody from walking off with your current/future kids.

An 8-year-old was almost abducted by a stranger at an Oklahoma City athletic tournament this past Friday evening. The child, who was one of nearly 7,000 people in attendance at the US Junior Open Wrestling Championship, avoided being carried off by doing all those things they teach you in elementary school:  kicking, screaming, and just doing his best to make a massive scene. After he created said commotion, the grown-up dropped him and took off. The kid later told his mom "the man smelled like beer."

Bizarre shots of the youth being bare-hugged from behind were captured on a nearby CCTV camera. Local police say it's at least possible the man thought he recognized the kid and picked him up. However, it's not surprising that—even with that benefit of the doubt—they are still interested in asking the suspicious S.O.B. a few questions.

As you can see in the pictures embedded in the above video, two other kids were present when the unidentified adult scooped the kid up. According to a Facebook comment on the OKC's police deparment page, there aren't many adults around because it cost $50 dollars for grown-ups to accompany their children onto the competition floor.

Four days after it happened, police are still searching for the attempted abductor, who they described as "six feet tall and heavy-set." Here's hoping they can narrow that down a little more, and have some words with this guy before it happens again.