The women above may have just scored themselves #TrueDetectiveSeason3. It'd definitely solve Nic Pizzolatto's problems with diversity and casting women. After a fiery GOP debate last night YouTube stars/Donald Trump supporters Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson a.k.a. the "Stump for Trump" girls appeared on CNN to discuss their groundbreaking discovery: Marco Rubio allegedly led a "gay lifestyle." Why they wouldn't focus on Rubio—ridiculously compared to Harry Potter by supporters—mistaking Canada for the United States in a campaign ad is beyond us.

Hardaway and Richardson have reportedly gone viral for videos praising Trump, calling him a "straight shooter" and a "political outsider." According to Gawker the two sisters have opened for Trump at a fundraiser. 

The revelation comes up when CNN's Carol Costello asks Hardaway what she thinks about footage that showed Rubio and Ted Cruz shaking hands behind Trump's back during a commercial break at last night's debate. 

Hardaway, who was clearly watching, says she Googled Rubio after he asked viewers to Google "Donald Trump polish workers" (that was Rubio calling out Trump for hiring guest workers instead of Americans at one of his resorts).

Hardaway told Costello: "Well you know, I think Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, they're both snakes. When I look at Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio told us to Google 'Donald Trump.' But I did him one better: I Googled him. And when I Googled him, you know, he owes America and the gay community an apology because it sounds like he may have had a gay lifestyle in his past. So he owes people an apology."

When Costello tries to stop Hardaway from her conspiracy theory Hardaway replies, "Well, that's what's on Google. So you have to be cautious when you tell people to Google people, stuff will come up. We don't know if it's true so we would say 'allegedly,' because we Googled him and stuff came up."

Safe to say that's probably not true, but what is true is a former KKK grand wizard endorsed Donald Trump saying not voting for Trump would be "treason."