Tunnel Takedown

Season 2

November 06, 2019

Allen Iverson Reminds Us Why He’s The Best Dressed NBA Player Ever | Tunnel Takedown

On this week's episode of “Tunnel Takedown,” we’re live from ComplexCon 2019 in Long Beach with special guest and NBA style legend Allen Iverson! In addition to discussing which NBA players were the best and worst dressed of the week, we take a look at some of A.I’s past fits while in the league and discuss the influence he still has on current player’s fashion. Iverson also tells stories about the backlash he received for not sticking to the NBA’s former uniform dress code, plus more! "Tunnel Takedown" is hosted by Complex’s vet stylist stoner, Racks Hogan, 14-year NBA tunnel vet, Matt Barnes, and Creative Director and sockfluencer, Gia Seo. Check out “Tunnel Takedown” every Wednesday at 5pm EST on


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Tunnel Takedown
Racks Hogan, Matt Barnes and Gia Seo break down the best and worst fits from some of your favorite NBA players walking the tunnel.
  • Seasons: 2