Complex's Space Lift

Season 1

September 04, 2020

Nadeska Hits Up Ravie B for Advice & Gifts a Photography Student a New Camera | Complex's Space Lift

On our news series, Complex's Space Lift, Nadeska links up with three college students to hear their stories and help them through this extraordinary back to school season. In our first episode, we feature an aspiring photographer from the Bronx heading into her first year at Cornell University, as well as some photography tips from celebrity photographer, Ravie B!


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Complex's Space Lift
In 2020, we could all use a little help. On Complex's new series Space Lift, host Nadeska connects with three incredible students from across the country heading to college this Fall. Each episode highlights a student’s story, their ambitions, and what they need to make their studies more enjoyable and functional during this extraordinary back to school season. Whether they are moving to on-campus dorms or studying from home, Nadeska picks out furniture and accessories that best represent the students’ personal styles, while also getting career advice for each student from popular celebrities like Raven B, Juan Veloz and La La Anthony, to set them up for future success.