Rules to This Sh!t

September 10, 2021

Road Life | Rules to This Sh*t Ep. 6

Road Life | Rules to This Sh*t Ep. 6


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Rules to This Sh!t
The record business is just that...a business. It's not as glamorous as the media would have you believe. Many young artists find themselves on the wrong end of bad contracts, beefing and feuding with peers, and on the road for months at a time. Our cast offers us insight about the reality of the music industry and how the new trend is to find ways around the old conventions. As part of Complex's Get Money initiative, the eight-part series "Rules to This Sh*t" covers the trials and tribulations of embarking on a rap career, with words of wisdom from Common, N.O.R.E., Too $hort, the late Nipsey Hussle, and more.