Complex Money Talk

October 26, 2021

Top 5 Side Hustles to Build Income w/ Earn Your Leisure | Complex Money Talk

Having multiple streams of income allows your money to make money for you. Tune in as Financial educators Troy and Rashad of Earn Your Leisure reveal five ways to create additional wealth. Learn how to expand your monthly income with these financial gems.


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Complex Money Talk
Elevate your capital to the next level with Complex Money Talk, a fully animated series taking a graphic account of your finances. Featuring four of today’s top financial influencers and educators such as Earn Your Leisure, The Budgetnista, Professore Kez aka Kezia M. Williams and Anthony O’Neal. From budgeting, building passive income or becoming a master investor Complex Money Talk will be sure to drop gems and help you secure the bag. Catch the vibes every Tuesday at 10am ET for the latest free game.