Life at Complex

Season 6

February 16, 2021

Recent Sneaker and Watch Pickups & #LIFEATCOMPLEX Update

On this episode Tony Mui let's us in on what he has been producing behind the scenes, from SoleCollector's Air Max Power Ranking video to Complex Twitch Livestream with Joe La Puma and more! Make sure you subscribe to both channels! We also get an in depth look at 3 new G-Shock watches part of the Skeleton Collection. We also get a look at some of Tony's recent sneaker pickups! Spoiler alert, it's one of the most colorful sneakers on the market! Let us know what you think of the pickups!


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Life at Complex
#LifeAtComplex takes the audience behind the scenes and allows the viewers to see the inner workings at the Complex office. From producing, shooting, editing, as well as hosting, Tony Mui, captures all the silly moments between the Complex staffers as well as celebrities and musical artists that stop by. From time to time Tony brings the audience along on trips and adventures outside of the office, providing a more exclusive and personable experience for those watching. Nothing is scripted and all reactions are true to life! Tony provides a refreshing and different stylistic take on each episode!
  • Seasons: 5